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Quality and Service since 1968
You have reach the one stop for all your Watch Needs.
Blancpain Complication
Minute Repeater late 1800.
Watches serviced in our office.
Models Stainless Steel
Models Stainless Steel/18K Gold
Models 18K. Gold
AF Watches
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How to mail a watch to us safely:
Place your watch with the information about it's problem, insurance value and return address, in a Manila bubble envelope. Then place it in a box to fit just tight.
Send to:
Andre Fleury Swiss Watch Co.
523 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901
  Servicing the US consumers watches for Fifty years.
Chronograph, Repeater, Antique Pocket Watch, Tag and fine Swiss watches.
Every overhaul carries a one year warranty.
All jobs are performed on the premises.

We carry a great choice of magnificent European made leather straps
Jules Robert minute repeater
Antique quarter repeater, chain driven.